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The meeting of the Atlantic Ocean with fine sand dunes and pine forests form such natural beauty which begins at the Gironde estuary and goes on until reaching the Bay of Arcachon giving rise to an "almost island" with several beaches that are excellent for water sports.

Arcachon & Litoral


UNESCO has recognized the historical richness of the village with its combined charm and the great wines produced there, it has become one of the most impressive addresses to be visited by those who love wine, architecture and history.

The wineries are located on a parcel of land below the great Médoc, but its location and the dedication given to the wine making process result in exceptional vintages. Rarities such as Châteaux Petrus, Cheval Blanc, Ausone or Valandraud; the pioneer "garage wine" of Saint-Emilion, are great examples of quality waiting to impress your taste.


A visit in Saint-Emilion and Pomerol,which is recommended in the itinerary, is as follows; 1day with a visit in a Chateau Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classés, break for lunch at a great local restaurant, and tour of city, visit of a Chateau in Pomerol, making a perfect day.

Graves & Sauternes

França & Europa



Situated in a unique location, Bordeaux is separated by the river Garonne which unites with the Dordogne River to form the Gironde estuary. The city has one of the largest ports in all of France which in the past saw its growth with the export demand of wine.

Saint-Emilion & Pomerol

Located in the south of Bordeaux, Graves is an important area in the production of wines and unique in the region for producing three different types of wines: red, white dry and sweet white. The name, Graves, is due to the soil “Graviers” (a gravel mixture), which retains the sun’s heat and radiates the warmth back into the vines overnight.

Known worldwide as one of the most famous winemakers regions, médoc stands out for being uniquely characteristic due to its privileged soil, climate and work performed in vineyards, providing for an impressive result.


A splendid location for lovers of art, gastronomy and history, France is surely one of the most popular destinations in the world, not only because of the famous and beautiful city of Paris but also by the geographical diversity and rich beauty, history, architecture and monuments among its various cities.


Today, besides being listed on the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city has a modern infrastructure while maintaining its restored limestone architecture which gives Bordeaux a charming and unique ambiance. Here you will find some of the most world-renowned brands as well as prestigious restaurants.
A must-see stop for wine lovers, Bordeaux is not only recognized worldwide for the outstanding quality of its vineyards but its many other tourist attractions such as the nearby coastal beaches and the historic charm of the outlying towns, all possessing unique landscapes and invitations to contemplate.

A medieval city built on the monolithic limestone rock where blocks were extracted for the construction of Saint-Emilion creating about 200 km of underground galleries, perfect for wine storage and also where, one of the largest underground churches in Europe can be found.

According to the famous classification, presented at the Universal Exhibition in 1855 on request of Napoleon III, you'll find here the largest number of wine producers who were officially recognized and gave rise to the famous Grands Crus Classés.

Guided tours followed by tasting are available to the visitor. Is worth remembering that to visit the properties, it is important to make a reservation according to availability.

The Médoc has several fine restaurants to discover the wide variety of local cuisine.


To visit the Médoc you need 1 day. In the suggested itinerary, we have: 2 Châteaux Grands Crus Classés, a restaurant, visit the port of Pauillac and wine boutiques which can ship directly to your address.

Among the many highlights, we have the Dune of Pyla, the largest sand dune in Europe with a spectacular view of the Landes forest, the sea, the Cap-Feret and the Bassin d'Arcachon which is one of the main points of oyster farming in France, located between neighboring towns of Arcachon and the Cap-ferret, the last offers beautiful beaches on one side and the Bassin d'Arcachon in the other which is also almost an island, in addition to several restaurants specializing in local cuisine taken from the local fishing boats, allowing visitors to discover the richness of the bay.

Near Bordeaux, along the south coast are beautiful cities like Bayonne, Biarritz, St Jean de Luz and San Sebastian (Spain) are unique alternatives of beauty and charm also waiting for you.


To visit the coast you need between 1-5 days according to your interests in the other cities. In Arcachon, a boat tour followed by oyster tasting and lunch in Cap-Ferret would be fantastic, return to the town of Arcachon and venture up to the top of the dune du pyla to enjoy the view and sunset.

Pessac-Léognan, Sauternes and Barsac are the areas highlighted in Graves. In Pessac-Léognan, minutes from the center of Bordeaux, red wine production is prevalent and many Chateaux distinguish themselves by their quality such as Chateau Pape Clement, which Pope Clement V in the XIV century was the owner or Chateau Haut-Brion, that integrates among the only five chateaux ranked first Grand Crus Classés.

Sauternes is known worldwide for its sweet white wine that has all the prestige of the "noble rot" caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea that is installed in the grape skins during its final process by removing the water and leaving a strong concentration of sugar. The process requires special attention in its cultivation and the result? ... hmmmm a tempting invitation.


To visit the two areas you need 1 day. In the suggested itinerary you will visit: a Chateau in Pessac-Léognan, a restaurant lunch and a chateau in Sauternes.

The European Parliament and the cathedral in Strasbourg, the Papal Palace in Avignon, the Loire Valley
castles, Nice, Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon, Lourdes, Lascaux, Sarlat, and the medieval towns of Carcassonne and Mont Saint-Michel are great examples.

Your tour guide will be delighted to share with you his knowledge of the many French ‘pearls’ whether you are passionate about cinema, theater, literature, history, there is definitely an event, a festival, or an exhibition organized in a city in France which will enchant you.

I have the experience and determination to prepare a comfortable stay and create a personalized itinerary designed to meet your expectations.

Considered the birthplace of Western civilization, Europe has been the scene of many conflicts, discoveries, creations and transformations, resulting in a reflection of our society.

Journey into the heart of the old continent, rich in history, art and gastronomy.

From your personal interests, your assistant offers an itinerary for exploring the culture,wealth and landscapes of the most beautiful European cities.


Visiting Bordeaux usual requires between 3 to 7 days.

We have provided the following itinerary:     

1 day em Bordeaux;

1 day no Médoc;

1 day em Saint-Emilion;

1 day em Arcachon;

1 Day em Graves & Sauternes;

1 Day em Bordeaux;

1 day in a nearby village to continue your trip in Europe.


10h00 pick up in Bordeaux.

10h00-11h00 Drive to Saint-Emilion talking about the region our "Terroir" and stop for Pictures in the strategic points, vines, Chateaux, landscape and much more.

11h00-12h00 Visit & tasting in a Chateau Grand Cru Classe of Saint-Emilion or Pomerol.

12h15 - 15h30 Lunch in Saint-Emilion & tour in the medieval village for pictures, shopping and much more.

16h00 - 17h00 Visit & tasting in a Chateau Grand Cru Classe of Saint-Emilion or Pomerol

17h00 -18h00 Return to Bordeaux.


10h00 Pick in Bordeaux.

10h00-11h00 Drive by the Mythic Chateaux Road talking about the region and our "Terroir" & stops for pictures in the vines and great points of this wonderful area.

11h00-12h00 Visit & Tasting in a Chateau Grand Cru Classe of 1855 (Saint-Estephe, Pauillac, Saint-Julien or Margaux).

12h15 - 14h30 Lunch in a Charming Restaurant.

15h00 - 16h30 Visit & Tasting in a Chateau Grand Cru Classe of 1855 (Saint-Estephe, Pauillac, Saint-Julien or Margaux).

16h30 -18h00 Return to Bordeaux .


9h45 Pick-Up in Bordeaux.

9h45-11h00 Drive to Arcachon, Talking about the richness of the "Bassin d'Arcachon", Dune of Pilat & the Atlantic Coast. 

11h00-12h00 Visit & Tasting of Oysters in Gujan Mestras or a boat tour in the Bassin to see the Oyster farms, cabanes tchanques, Cap Feret & Much more.

13h15 - 15h30 Lunch in a Charming Restaurant with a great view! 

15h30 - 16h30 Go up in the Dune of Pilat.

16h30 -18h00 Return to Bordeaux.


10h00 Pick in Bordeaux.

10h00-10h30 Drive to Pessac-Leognan talking about the "Terroir" with strategical stops for pictures in the vinhedos and great views.

10h30-12h00 Visit & Tasting in a Chateau Grand Cru Classe of Pessac-Leognan.

12h30 - 14h30 Lunch in a charming Restaurant.

15h30 - 16h30 Visit & Tasting in a Chateau Grand Cru Classe of Sauternes.

17h00 -18h00 Return to Bordeaux.

Exemplos de Roteiros:

Starting in Paris (or Other Capital of arriving) we will have as options to visit the following villages with 2 to 4 horas of distance :

1-Tours and the great Castles of the Loire valley (1 to 2 days);

2-Cognac & La Rochelle (1 to 2 days);


3-Bordeaux (3 to 7 days);

4-Carcassonne (0 to 2 days);

5-Aix en Provence, Saint Remy en Provence, Avignon, Gordes, Isle Sur La Sorgue, Chateauneuf du Pape, Marseille, Nice, Cannes and Mônaco. (6 to 10 days).


In this example We can go back to Paris passing byr:

Dijon <Bourgogne> (2 days), Reims <Champagne>(1 day).

Other option to go from: 

3-Bordeaux(3 to 7 days);

4-Bayonne, Biarritz & San Sebastián (2 to 4days)

5-Bilbao (2 to 3 days);

6- Madrid.

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